Huron Tech Tr1be #9182

Welcome to Huron Tech Tr1be #9182!

A FIRST Robotics team in New Boston, MI. Building robots, memories, and a brighter future for students of Huron High School!
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Who We Are

Welcome to Huron Robotics! We're a competitive robotics team that strives for excellence, supports one another, and gives back to our community. Huron Robotics was started to bring some additional STEM opportunities to Huron High School in hopes to build a brighter future for our students. Through our mentorship and student leadership, we aim to be a world class robotics team some time in the future.

Tech Tr1be Announcements

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Upcoming Events (4 Upcoming Events)

2024 Waltz World's Fair
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Bottle Drive Dash
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FIRST Discovery Month
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Summer Online Courses
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