2024 Season Overview

2024 Season: The Game

The game for 2024 was "Crescendo" where teams were challenged to build a robot to shoot "notes" into either a speaker, amplifier, a trap, or all of them. At the endgame, teams race to the stage to harmonize with other robots.

2024 Season: The Recap

We have prepared a recap video highlighting the most important parts of this season and how we took nothing and turned it into something. Check it out!

(We're still rendering this video... please bare with us.)

Our Community Impact

We've had a few evernts occur over the year... here were some events we've done:

This year, we hosted 2 bottle drives both contributing around $500 to our overall budget.

In late February, we had a cornhole cornhole tournament fundraiser to help fund our team a bit better. This was a success as it brought people from other communities together for a bit of cornhole, raffles, and fun.

Around June, Tech Tr1be particpated in the Waltz World's Fair spreading STEM to community members and such.

What our team members say

We have asked our team members to fill out a quick survey about how they felt on the team. Of those who volunteered, here's what they said:

(Nothing yet! We're still collecting Responses...)