2023 Team Members

Your 2023 Huron Robotics Team Leaders:

Our entire team works under our two adult mentors, one to two student captains, and three to six student department leaders. Due to the size of our team, our chart is organized by roles.

Your 2023 Huron Robotics Programming Team:

One component of our team is the Programming Team. Lead by Zacharias McCormick & Co-Lead by Cheyenne Potter, they will lead their team to success by programming a game winning robot with the help of their team and Build & Design.

Your 2023 Huron Robotics Build & Design Team:

Another component of our team is the Build & Design Team. Lead by Brandon Nerowski, he and his team's mission is to build a competition legal robot.

Your 2023 Huron Robotics Marketing Team:

Last but not least, we have our Marketing Team! Lead by Macy Potter, he and his team goes out in search of money to help fund Huron's robotics team in order to have a successful robotics season fanatically.