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Note: If you sponsored us in a previous season, fear not! We have not removed you! Your business was just placed in our archives for history to come! The supporters listed here are the supporters/sponsors of the 2023-24 season.

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The Platinum Sponsors are those who have given us $1,000 or more. Platinum Sponsors get the following perks:
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Friendly Ford Monroe

It's not just a name. It's the way we do business.

Level 0: Supporters

The Level 0 Sponsors are those who have granted us permission to either promote, appear, or sell on their grounds with no fees. In other words, they basically are giving our team free exposure. As of now, most of these supporters are made of Facebook groups and pages, but we still appreciate them for letting us connect with the community through them.

Waltz World's Fair

Welcome to the "Waltz World's Fair" Facebook page. We are a volunteer non-profit organization that has branched off the Waltz Improvement Association.  This committee is committed to bringing back the formerly known "Waltz Homecoming Festival" to it's original state. The festival is scheduled for June 15th through 18th, 2023 at the Joseph Waltz Park. 

Huron Township community news and discussion

A group for discussing local news, events, and issues in Huron Township.

Please keep discussions mature and free of personal attacks. Thank you.

For more information, please view our social media comment policy here.

Huron Township Friends & Neighbors

This is a POSITIVE group for residents of Huron township to discuss happenings in the township, ask question, get recommendations, etc. This group is moderated, and there will be no name calling, bullying, harassing, or disrespect. You will be expected to act like an adult and be respectful to your neighbors. Good CIVIL discussions are allowed, and even welcomed. As long as they're respectful, without name calling, or harassing. We may not agree with or line others opinions, but everyone's opinions will be respected. There will be 1 warning for being disrespectful, if it happens again, you will be removed. 

Tech Tr1be Boosters

Parents, family, friends, community members, area employers and all who support Huron High School (New Boston, MI) Tech Tribe Team 9182, our FIRST Robotics Team!

From Tonya Stelter, Math Teacher at Huron High School:

FIRST Team 9182 Tech Tr1be is an FRC team. FRC, short for FIRST Robotics Competition, is FIRST’s oldest robotics program. FIRST, For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring young people. It is designed to provide a rigorous engineering challenge to high school students as well as teach leadership, collaboration, and project management. Over three thousand teams contain anywhere from fewer than ten to over one hundred students with guidance and support from adult mentors. Each year, every FRC team builds a robot in the six-week "build season" to compete in a game released in early January. Tech Tr1be’s team members are 9th–12th graders at Huron High school. Our program is centered around three core tenets: a hands-on project-based learning environment, a thriving presence in the competitive scene, and a focus on reaching out and expanding the influence and impact of STEM in our community. These three ideas - education, empowerment, and excellence - form the three pillars of our program and serve as the basis for our mission and vision statements

With your help our team will be able to purchase parts, supplies and tools to successfully compete in the coming 2023 FRC season!